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Seven Chakras Energy Tour
18 Days
5 - 18 Participants

Seven Chakras Energy Tour

The Egyptians worshiped Anubis as the god of physical death itself. Death isn’t just literal It matches the tarot card of Death, if you are familiar with the cards and their meaning. Transformation lies at the heart of what Anubis represents with the balance of shadow and light.

My transformational experience in Egypt!
April 27, 2017May 9, 2017

My transformational experience in Egypt!

I was always an enquiring child looking up to the sky and questioning what it all meant and where it came from, igniting my first experience with the notion of fear in the infinite. My question was always “if that wasn’t there then what was there” the question could never be answered which as a child without the conscious understanding of spirituality and the Mystical, caused great distress.